Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Camping Food

We have had several weekend camping trips this summer, and I've been trying to develop a menu that has interesting and tasty food, but is easy to prepare and cook. The current breakfast staple is a variation on bacon and eggs - 2 eggs stirred with a fork and cooked in a silicone egg ring, a few slices of bacon, and HP sauce, all on a bread roll. Only one frypan needed, and not too many dishes to wash. Lunch time usually comes in the middle of a hike, so it's sandwiches and dried fruit bars. Dinner present the biggest challenge! Last weekend we enjoyed chicken and vegetable kebabs with potatoes roasted on the fire. A little time consuming (especially as I assembled the skewers in situ), and next time there will be separate chicken and vegetable skewers so that the chicken cooks evenly. Another favourite is hamburgers, with patties made and frozen at home. The new star from the weekend is chilli, left over from a meal during the week. It freezes well, and doubles as an ice brick in the cooler. To serve, just heat up and add a crusty bread roll.